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Seguro Popular

What is Seguro Popular?

Seguro Popular is a public voluntary insurance for the unemployed and/or people who work on their own and who are not otherwise covered by any other social security institution in Mexico. (IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX, SEDENA, etc.). It is part of Mexico´s Health Social Protection System, which aims to cover as many people with health services in Mexico.

What benefits does Seguro Popular offer?

People affiliated with Mexico´s Health Social Protection System by means of Seguro Popular will have access to medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital services. Currently, Seguro Popular covers 275 medical interventions. These are described in the Catálogo Universal de Servicios de Salud. (Universal Health Services Catalogue). Also, people affiliated with the System are eligible to receive services rendered by the Fondo de Protección Contra Gastos Catastróficos (Protection Fund against Catastrophic Expenses) which aims to support people suffering from high cost illnesses which may endanger their lives as well as their patrimony.

If I live in the United States, can I apply for a pre-affiliation to Seguro Popular?

Yes, go to the Ventanilla de Salud at the Mexican consulate nearest you.

· You may even pre- affiliate your family members as well and economic dependents living in Mexico.

· In order to be eligible to pre-affiliate to Seguro Popular, they must NOT already be covered by any other Mexican social security institution such as IMSS, ISSSTE, PEMEX, SEDENA, etc.

For more information on how to affiliate, click here.